Nadine Lustre’s Message To Doubters, Imma Be Around For Ever, Always You Can Bet On It

Online bullying has become a hot news topic in recent years. It would appear that even prominent celebrities are deeply affected by the hurtful comments people leave online.

Nadine Lustre's Message To Her Doubters, Online Bashers

Pay no mind to what the doubters all say
Imma be around for ever, always
You can bet on it.

Recently, Kapamilya actress, Nadine Lustre broke her silence when she appeared on National TV claiming that she’s not scared by the threat posed by one of the KathNiel fans, who said she will pour a bowl of boiling cooking oil when she sees the young actress.

In a media interview with “The Buzz” which was aired last month, Lustre stated she is not bothered of such threats because she knows a lot of people are there to defend her.

“Hindi ako natatakot kasi my fans naman are there to protect me, James (Reid) is there, the Viva people are there. I’m not really scared with anything naman,” she said.

Lustre added the fan’s threat is actually ridiculous.

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