Mystery sea creature with ‘fur and beak’ washes up on remote beach

This sea creature has puzzled marine biologists and has also caused sensation on Russian social media. It is giant with fur on its tail and beak like a bird. It is still a mystery beast.

Having similarities to a dolphin and being double the size of a human, the creature has been reported to have washed up on a beach with bloodied carcass ripped apart revealing bones. To some extend it also looks like a prehistoric mutant.

According to deputy head of the Forecasting Department at the Sakhalin Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography, Nikolay Kim, the creature could be ‘some big dolphin’ and was brought there by a warm current. However, it is still strange as dolphin don’t have fur.

Some are believing the creature to be a Ganges River dolphin that usually live in fresh water in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The famous marine park Sea World claims dolphins are born with hair to shed shortly.

What do you think?


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