Mother Attacks ‘World’s Most Venomous Spider Nest’

Has anyone had an encounter with a Brazilian spiders hatch? Laura Horsfield from Yorkshire recently did when she stumbled across a nest filled with the world’s deadliest spiders in the middle of her bananas right inside her home.

The mother of four confronted and attacked the bananas right away whilst her 4 children stood screaming around her in the kitchen. Brazilian wandering spiders are highly venomous and Horsfield realized this was not the time to feel sorry for a bunch of spider babies, and took up the fight by stamping on the nest repeatedly, pouring scalding water and lastly suffocating them in an air tight bag.

Mother Attacks 'World's Most Venomous Spider Nest'

News source: Mirror

Mother Attacks 'World's Most Venomous Spider Nest'

She couldn’t believe such deadly spiders were hatching inside her home, but fortunately for her she had seen similar pictures posted on the internet, thereby, giving her the courage to save herself and her family from what might have otherwise turned out to be a far different story. The way she attacked the spiders might seem hilarious, but considering how deathly they are, she did well to get that violent!

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Written by Joshua Jackson

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