Miss World 2014 Predictions: Top 10 Hottest Favorite Contestants

The Miss World 2014 final promises to be a battle of giants!

On Sunday, Dec. 14, 2014, a new Miss World will be crowned in London at ExCel London Exhibition and Convention Centre. There are 120 beautiful, multi-talented women from different countries who are vying for the 2014 Miss World crown. With the coronation ceremony, the more than three-week long event, which began on Nov. 20, will come to an end.

Here are the Ultimate Prediction of Miss World 2014 Finalists:

Miss Venezuela, Debora Menicucci

Debora is a fashion designer and model from Caracas, Venezuela. After moving to Tuscany at the age of ten, she completed her degree in Italy before returning to her native country where she has flourished in the fashion industry. Her aspirations are to produce her own fashion line and make an impact on the industry. Aside from her career, Debora enjoys keeping fit, playing volleyball and attending bootcamps to stay in shape. She is also a talented ice skater, and likes jazz, salsa and meringue dancing. Her favourite food is lasagne, and she likes to listen to pop music.

Miss United States, Elizabeth Safrit

Elizabeth hails from Kannapolis, a small town in Southern US, in the state of North Carolina. Currently working as a lobbyist, she hopes to become a political broadcaster for a major news network. To achieve this she plans to return to college to complement her Political Science & Journalism degree with one in Mass Communication. In her spare time Elizabeth likes to run, practice Bikram Yoga and watch musical theatre. She is also a fan of the NFL and PGA Tour. Elizabeth’s talents include en Pointe Ballet dancing, special effects make-up and baking.

Miss Trinidad & Tobago, Sarah Jane Waddell

Born in Trinidad & Tobago, Sarah Jane travelled regularly whilst growing up, spending time in Barbados and Costa Rica before studying in the USA. Sarah Jane is passionate about her country, and aspires to be a advocate for its development through a career in diplomacy. With a degree in Political Science and experience working in the Ministry of Energy, Sarah Jane has the necessary prerequisites to shine. In her spare time she enjoys Latin dancing, keeping fit, playing the violin and horse riding. She is a huge fan of Roald Dahl, and also loves reading books by authors of the lost generation, including Hemmingway and Steinbeck. She is also fluent in Mandarin.

Miss Puerto Rico, Genesis Davila

Génesis was born and raised in the beach town of Arroyo, in the south east of the island. Currently one semester away from obtaining her Criminal Justice degree, she hopes to further her education at law school, before following her aspirations of working with marginalised communities who lack access to legal services. In her spare time Génesis likes to be in nature, whether that is finding her inner peace at the tranquil beaches, or in the wild hiking or practicing extreme sports. Her other hobbies include watching an exciting game of baseball, dancing, and spending quality time with her family.

Miss Philippines, Valerie Weigmann

Valerie is an actress of German and Filipino descent, living in the province of Albay. After joining the cast of Big Brother in 2008, she went on to appear in several commercials and TV shows before receiving a hosting role on GMA’s Eat Bulaga! Aside from work Valerie is an avid comic book collector, she enjoys photography, plays badminton and is a qualified scuba diver. Her favourite music is neo-soul, and she cites John Legend, Alicia Keys and Usher as her favourite artists. She is also part of a group that is helping to lower air pollution through electric vehicle advocacy.

Miss Paraguay, Myriam Arevalos

Myriam is an International Relations student with ambitions of a long career in International politics. Her immediate aims are to finish university before entering the Foreign Affairs Ministry, eventually getting a posting as a diplomat. Aside from politics, Myriam loves to dance, and has taught classes for 4 years in a variety of disciplines, including ballet, Latin and traditional Paraguay dance. In her spare time she likes to play sports, read and to play the flute. Her favorite music is alternative and electronic dance, and she has a pet dog called Zafiro!

Miss England, Carina Tyrrell

Carina is a senior student at Cambridge University, where she has already gained 1st class honours in Preclinical Medical Studies. Her aspirations are to become a global health doctor. Born in Switzerland, she moved to England with her family whilst growing up. Ever willing to help others, Carina has taken part in humanitarian work across the planet, as well as being a speaker at the UN and a student of the League of Nations. An active person, Carina is a qualified Ski Instructor and a competition level gymnast. In her spare time she enjoys artistic pursuits such as painting and dress designing, she likes listening to the latest chart hits, and reading autobiographies.

Miss Colombia, Leandra Garcia Caicedo

Leandra was born in Manizales, growing up in the city of Cali. Currently a TV presenter, she has aspirations of a long and illustrious career in the showbiz industry. In her spare time she likes to swim, do crossfit and she loves the gym. Currently learning the piano, she is also a skilled dancer, with her favourite steps being Salsa, Tango and traditional Colombian dance. Her other hobbies include painting, cooking and singing. When looking for a good book, Leandra loves English literature, citing Oscar Wilde as one of her favourite authors. Mexican, Italian and seafood are her cuisines of choice.

Miss Australia, Courtney Thrope

Born and raised in sunny Brisbane, multi-talented Courtney is currently studying Mass Communications at university, but also works part time as a freelance writer and fashion stylist. Passionate about writing, she was recently the fashion editor for an international publication and has also had a children’s book published. She wishes to write a series of educational children’s books in the future. In her spare time, Courtney likes a variety of outdoor pursuits, such as wake boarding, horse riding, camping and boating, she is a member of the Brisbane soccer club and an “obsessed and devoted Manchester United fan.”

Miss South Africa, Rolene Strauss

Rolene says her family made her who she is today. A 4th year Medical student, she praises her father’s influence, interesting her in medicine, her mother taught her the power of the mind and her brother, compassion and patience. With a holistic approach to living, she hopes to create a business along these lines focusing on women’s health, alongside her plan of studying for an MBA and becoming a doctor. In her spare time, Rolene enjoys playing the sports golf, netball and cycling, and reading inspirational and educational books. She is also musically minded, and can play the flute, piano and guitar.

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At the end of the show, one of the 125 contestants will be crowned Miss World 2014 by last year’s winner, Megan Young of the Philippines.

The 2014 Miss World judges are: Julia Morley, who is the current Chairman and owner of the Miss World Organisation; Rudy Salles, a member of the National Assembly of France; Jody Reynolds, a former president of Variety International who has been helping children around the world; Marsha-Rae Ratcliff, a Variety International Board Member who first created the charity’s International Gold Pin Heart Campaign; Tony Hatch, a legendary English composer for musical theatre and television; Miss World 2007, Zhang Zilin Miss World 2007, who was the first representative of China and of East Asian descent to be crowned Miss World; Agbani Darego, a Nigerian model and the first ever Black African Miss World; Miss World 2009, Kaiane Aldorino GMH, who was the first ever Miss World from Gibraltar; and Miss World 2002, the first Turkish woman to be crowned Miss World, Azra Akin.

The Miss World contest is one of the oldest international beauty pageants around and was first created in the UK in 1951 by Eric Morley. The original contest was introduced as part of the Festival of Britain celebrations. Therefore, it is traditional for the winner to spend the winning year in London and travel to represent the Miss World Organisation (MWO) and its causes.

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