Michael Jackson Named Highest-Earning Dead Celebrity

Forbes has named King of Pop Michael Jackson as the highest-earning dead celebrity.

According to a recent list by Forbes, Jackson, who died in 2009 from a drug overdose, topped the list with earnings of $140 million in the past year.

Michael Jackson Named Highest-Earning Dead Celebrity
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The list includes 13 celebrities who are still earning money even after their death. Forbes compiled the list by talking to estate managers, lawyers and licensors and analyzing estimated posthumous earnings between October 2013-14.

“Few celebrities prove the point that there is (financial) life after death better than Michael Jackson,” Forbes said.

Following Jackson in the list is the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley, who died in 1977, with $55 million in earnings after his death.

Here is the complete list:

1.Michael Jackson ($140 million)
2.Elvis Presley ($55 million)
3.Charles Schulz ($40 million)
4.Elizabeth Taylor ($25 million)
5.Bob Marley ($20 million)
6.Marilyn Monroe ($17 million)
7.John Lennon ($12 million)
8.Albert Einstein ($11 million)
9.Theodor Geisel ($9 million)
10.Bruce Lee ($9 million)
11.Steve McQueen ($9 million)
12.Bettie Page ($9 million)
13.James Dean ($7 million)

The 13 deceased celebrities included on the Forbes list earned a total of $363.5 million.

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