Matchmaker Make Me a Match: Lonely Harvard Grad Offers $10k For Girlfriend Referral

His own Mom endorses him.  “He is a nice boy,” she says – right on the website.  What website?, and it was set up by a 29 year old Harvard MBA graduate named Ren Lu You.  Ren works long hours each day in the finance industry.

He doesn’t have the time nor the desire to hang out in bars in hopes of finding a date, much less the “perfect” woman.  So he’s reaching out to internet users and offering a $10,000 reward for finding the right “match” for him.

Photos – including shirtless ones and ones from his childhood, and personal information about him – round out the website.

Ren needs a matchmaker, and you can nominate anyone but yourself.  Six months of dating must follow for the payout to be made.

What do you think?

Written by Joshua Jackson

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