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Mariah Carey Recovers ‘Vocal Cracks’ On Second Night Of Japan Tour

It’s indeed a Heartbreaker.

Mariah Carey struggled to get through her first night of her concert tour on Saturday evening in Japan … with her voice cracked out — and the video is PAINFUL to watch.

Carey kicked off her Elusive Chanteuse World Tour in Tokyo … and looking at the clip video — as well as multiple others online — it’s clear she couldn’t hit the high notes she’s famous for.

During some portions of the concert, it seemed like Mariah may have forgotten the lyrics … however it’s possible her microphone gave out — since the stand broke during her performance of “We Belong Together.”

But on the second night of the concert series in Yokohama proved her bashers wrong. Mariah was in fine vocal shape. Her vocals weren’t in their best condition, however Mariah didn’t sound jetlagged at all. Fans in Yokohama got their money’s worth if the subsequent videos on YouTube and Instagram are to be believed.

Many believed that it helped that Mariah only sang 20 songs during the second night in contrary to 23 in Tokyo. Others thought she had better sleep or had recovered from whatever throat infection she had.

Whatever the reason is for Mariah’s better vocal performance, it only meant one thing. That Mariah is a no doubt a legendary DIVA. It ain’t easy to go out on stage with thousands of fans screaming at you knowing you’re not at your best state. Yet she did. And she was warm, and funny, and beautiful—as always.

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