Mariah Carey Delivers Questionable Notes On Opening Night Of ‘The Elusive Chanteuse Show’

When matters have calmed down, Mariah Carey will eventually step down as one of the greatest singers of all time. However, in the here and now, the singer’s vocal performance appears to need some fine-tuning.

Mariah Carey Delivers Questionable Notes On Premiere On Asian Leg Of The "Elusive Chanteuse Show"

According to source, the first night on the Asian leg of her new tour ‘The Elusive Chanteuse Show’ was not perfect as she was struggling with a number of songs.


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The “Heartbreaker” singer is undeniably a legendary diva. That’s why people still willing to pay huge amount of money to see her perform live. She’s going through some difficult times, but her legendary status cannot be questioned!

We all know Mariah Carey’s voice isn’t like it was in the 90′s, but I feel she has nothing else to prove. She’ a living legend. Mariah Carey we wish you nothing but the best on your World Tour.

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Written by Tommy Estrada

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