Man Strips In Supermarket, Pours Milk, Screams He’s On Fire, But Why?!


This news is something really weird. Metro newspaper of UK writes that a man strips off his clothes in a supermarket, pours milk on his body and run across the floor shouting he is on fire.

The incident took place in Walmart in Kentucky last week.

A YouTube video has gone viral and it shows the man is completely naked except a Halloween mask on face, white socks and black trainers. He takes two containers of milk from the shelves of the supermarket and pours on himself over his head. He then runs across screaming that he is on fire.

Why the man acts in such weird way is still not known. Pike County Sheriff Rodney Scott said they are trying to find out the reason behind this.

No arrest has yet been made even though warrants have been issued for the streaker and his cameraman.

What do you think?

Written by Barbie Perez

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