Man Miraculously Survives 3 Days Lost in Alaskan Wilderness, Falls Through Ice, Fights Wild Animals

Craig Johnson was on his way to visit family for the holidays on Dec. 15, when his snowmobile fell through the ice in remote Alaska. Half way through an 80-mile journey, he was nowhere near civilization.

Johnson, 38, walked another 30 miles searching for help in Alaskan wilderness – all the while being pursued by a wolverine. “You could hear it on the ice, just playing with me, toying with me,” Johnson told ABC News.

Craig Johnson, 38, is extremely lucky to be alive after being forced to spend three days in the Alaskan wilderness battling sub-zero temperatures and the advances of a hungry wolverine.

Johnson sought refuge from the subzero conditions and the wolverine by climbing inside this wooden box

‘I almost gave up… But I couldn’t give up. I had to do it for my boys, my family,’ he told ABC News. ‘I think it’s a miracle that I’m alive.’

In his frozen clothes and enduring subzero temperatures with a windchill approximately at 35 below zero, Johnson trekked 30 miles searching for help before a wolverine started to stalk him.

After failing to shoot the animal and then running out of bullets, Johnson was left with no other choice but to use a stick to defend himself.

Fortunately Johnson chanced upon a wooden box that he was able to use as shelter.

Unfortunately the down side of being stuck in the box was that it made it even more difficult for several rescue helicopters that flew past to try and find him.

On his third day Johnson was losing hope.

The wind and snow had erased almost all signs of Johnson and was only rescued when his cousin heard his desperate screams.

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