Man Dies From Asthma Attack After Cops Stop Him On The Way To Hospital

An asthma attack killed Casey Kressin after police stopped his girlfriend for speeding as she rushed him to the hospital.

A 29-year-old Wisconsin man suffering an asthma attack being rushed to the hospital was pulled over by police. His fiancée was behind the wheel. Once an officer figured out what was going on, he called for help, but it was too late.

A Chippewa Falls police officer spotted a car driven by Casey Kressin’s fiancée speeding and running a red light around 2:00 a.m. on Sunday. When the officer pulled the car over about a mile after running the light, Kressin’s fiancee told him Kressin was having an asthma attack and she was trying to get him to the hospital. After Kressin’s fiancee found his inhaler, the officer called 911 and it took an ambulance six minutes to get to the scene. After paramedics arrived, police said Kressin stopped breathing and he was pronounced dead on arrival at St. Joseph’s Hospital a short time later.

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