Man Baked To Death Inside Giant Oven After Future Son-in Law Accidentally Switches It On

In England, back in December of 2010, a man was cooked alive in an 280C industrial oven after his future son-in-law accidentally switched the machine on with him still inside, a court has heard.

Alan Catterall suffered a horrific death when he was baked to death inside a giant oven. It seems like something that would happen in a dark twisted version of Hansel and Gretel.

Man Baked To Death Inside Giant Oven, Company Accused of Gross Negligence
Man Baked To Death Inside Giant Oven, Company Accused of Gross Negligence

Catterall, age 54, employed at the Pyranha Mouldings company was sent into one of the industrial ovens with a crowbar for maintenance work. These ovens can reach degrees as high as 530 fahrenheit. Another employee, unaware Catterall was still inside, activated the oven which automatically locked the doors.

Catterall’s screams and cries for help went unnoticed on the noisy factory floor and it wasn’t until the smoke began to seep from the oven that other workers realized something was wrong.

Pyranha Mouldings has been charged with gross negligence including multiple health and safety violations.

Mr Catterall was raised in Liverpool and worked at a tyre factory in Speke before joining the Ford factory in Halewood where he worked for many years.

In 1997, he joined Pyranha and moved up as a team leader at the company, which had between 90 and 100 employees, where his wife of 34 years and daughter also worked.

According to report he suffered from severe burns and died as a result of shock’, and that due to his cries for help being drowned out by the busy factory his co-workers were only alerted to the accident when smoke started coming out of the oven.

News source: Mirror, Metro

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