Man Attempts To Kill Himself At A Gas Station, Cutting Throat With Ice Scraper

BEATRICE, NE – A man at a Nebraska gas station attempted to kill himself even after using a myriad of different items, including gasoline, scissors and an ice scraper.

Matthew Luedeman, 27, pulled into what looked like a routine visit at a Cenex gas station quickly turned chaotic.

According to news report, Luedeman was allegedly engulfed in flames for 10 seconds before he tried pouring more gasoline on himself, but by that time the clerk inside the gas station had already tuned off the gas pumps.

Man Attempts To Kill Himself At A Gas Station

Police Chief Bruce Lang said, “He took the gas nozzle, turned the gas pump on, held the nozzle above his head and poured gasoline on himself.”

Luedeman walked into the gas station and chased out the clerk, as she called local authorities.

He grabbed a pair of scissors and cut down his forearm vertically about 18 inches.

After the failed suicide attempt, he took an ice scraper and attempted to cut his carotid artery in his neck on the right side.

Lang arrived just in time and used a taser to stop Luedeman from committing suicide.

He was rushed to a Lincoln hospital where he is alive, but in critical condition.

Beatrice police are still investigating why the young man attempted to kill himself.

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