Maine Mendoza Hugs Julie Anne San Jose Backstage During ‘Sunday Pinasaya” Guesting

It was a wish come true for the fans of the phenomenal loveteam AlDub on Sunday as Maine Mendoza finally made her special guest appearance on GMA’s Sunday Pinasaya.

The show was full of ‘kilig’ and laughter as Maine joins Alden Richards and the rest of Sunday Pinasaya hosts during their segments Caringderia, Kantaririt and Chef Boy Next Door.

But the show did not only give Maine the chance to make her supporters happy. She also took the opportunity to reach out and apologize to Julie Anne San Jose over the bashing she received from fans who took offense to an alleged tweet by Rich Illustre, director of “Sunday PinaSaya,” saying that the singer is Alden’s girlfriend.

During the presscon of “My Bebe Love”, Alden denied the rumor and said that he is single.

The incident was witnessed by Sunday Pinasaya co-host Gladys Guevarra who was also backstage when it happened. “Clueless ako, i swear. So nice of @mainedcm napaka humble, i just saw her hugging @MyJaps ? apologizing si Yaya Dub. Ano meron??????,” Guevarra said in her tweet.

Nitz Miralles, showbiz columnist of tabloid Pilipino Star Ngayon, also confirmed the incident and encouraged fans to move on with the issue and stop the hate.

Maine Mendoza Hugs Julie Anne San Jose Backstage During 'Sunday Pinasaya" Guesting

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Written by Kaye

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