Maggot Colony In Man’s Head Wound Saves Him From Infection

When mentioning the word ‘maggots’, the first thing that tends to come to mind is ‘disgusting’. Nobody likes these wriggling creatures, and they are considered as pests. But in this case, maggots were actually life savers!

For 28 year old construction worker Pham Quang Lanh, from Vietnam, maggots are really tiny heroes! This is because they actually saved his life. While working on a construction site about a year ago, he accidentally got hit on the head with an iron bar. As a result doctors had to put a titanium plate in his head.

Eventually, in Spring 2015, Pham Quang Lanh asked his relatives to check his wound because it felt swollen. His relatives did so, and they were shocked to find that there were maggots in the wound. They rushed him to hospital only to find out that those creepy maggots had actually saved him from a deathly infection, as they had been eating the infected tissue! Certainly a strange story, but in this case, we can safely say that these maggots were life-savers!

H/T: Tomo

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Written by Marc Tiu

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