Mackie Cao vs Mecerdita Quiachon Sing “Through The Fire” On The Voice #TheBattlesPH

Hoping to move up to the knockouts, Mackie Cao battles Mecerdita Quiachon with their version of “Through The Fire”.

A tie? I like them both equally as they sing in harmony very well. However Mackie exhibits more self-confidence.
Mackie Cao vs Mecerdita Quiachon Sing "Through The Fire" On The Voice #TheBattlesPH
With all due respect, part of being a good vocalist is being able to vary existing pieces of music to create a good performance. Style is rarely “built into” a song or a piece of music. It’s all about the instrumentation; the performance. Imagine how much changing the tempo, for instance, would affect the performance.I think it’s great — and really, really pleasant — when someone sings a song they can truly connect with and the emotions flow very naturally. However, it is hard to sustain putting out more music if one can’t perform songs that may not be quite as personal.

In the end, Coach Apl chose Mackie Cao! Congratulations, Mackie.

Photo credits © ABS-CBN

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