LOOK: Word War Between Denisse Oca and Fabio Ide’s Girlfriend, Michelle Pamintuan

Showbiz relationships, by and large, are doomed from the start. Let’s face it, they rarely go the distance. And sometimes these actors and actresses even get themselves caught up in situations that, believe it or not, are even more scandalous than the scripts they act out on TV and in film.

Ah, Fabio, Denisse and Michelle, the Philippines showbiz war that has been making the rounds online.

Fabio Ide has confirmed that he is the father of Denisse Oca’s child, days before celebrating his first anniversary with his current girlfriend Michelle Pamintuan.

LOOK: War Between Denisse Oca and Fabio Ide's Girlfriend, Michelle Pamintuan
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Meanwhile, Melissa Mendez is on the rescue and wrote in her Instagram account:

I deleted the comments of Micho mainly because I didn’t want my followers to perceive her as the evil stepmom of my granddaughter. I don’t need publicity. I’ve been in the business for 32 years and I’m still around. Honestly, Denisse and Micho are in good terms. Maybe she just reacted on impulse that’s why she made unnecessary and disrespectful comments. That’s all I have to say. I saw how she held Danielle during the baptism and even prayed for Danielle.

LOOK: War Between Denisse Oca and Fabio Ide's Girlfriend, Michelle Pamintuan
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On Monday, Oca posted photos of what appeared to be text messages from Pamintuan, recounting her as the “most evil person” she has ever encountered and saying that Ide regretted having the child with her.

Oca wrote: “Enough is enough. I have been so patient with you, all I wanted was peace, but you have CLEARLY CROSSED THE LINE AND IT IS WAR.”

“When I look back at this, I know I will not regret my decision because I WILL ALWAYS FIGHT FOR MY DAUGHTER and stand up against people like this. Michelle, you have crossed the line and you can’t take back what’s already been said. And Fabio, if this is the kind of person you want to be with then I don’t want you anywhere near my daughter.”

“If you really love Danielle and want to be a good father to her then this isn’t the kind of person you should be carrying around with you who is full of anger and hatred. I’ve been so patient and understanding throughout this whole thing but I’m done!!! NO ONE MESSES WITH MY DAUGHTER.”

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Written by Barbie Perez

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