LOOK: Vivian Velez Calls Karen Davila A ‘Bully’?

NAG-REACT SI Vivian Velez sa viral video interview ni Alma Moreno kay Karen Davila.


I just found out that my comment regarding Ms Alma and KD gone viral. It was posted private for my friends but then someone copy and posted it for public. I have to stand up for what I believe in, even when I know I’ll hear people making hateful comments. But do I really care? NO!!! I’m so much aware that Internet provides the perfect forum for cyberbullies, just as much as in talk-show landscape. Somebody has to be courageous enough to actually stand up to, you know, the bullies.

But could KD be faulted for being a keen manipulator who took advantage of her mastery of the medium? Yes and No… For all of its advantages, it is something of a double-edged sword. Ang sa akin lang, Alma said ‘nahihirapan na siya’ short of saying, please give me some chance here. Pero wow, tinira pa rin ng tinira. I’m only asking for a little bit of COMPASSION here. It’s not about work, but just plain being human.

And in order for some people to insult me, I must first value your opinion. No one can define me or tell me who I am. I’m not afraid in taking risks especially in something I believe in.

What do you think?


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