LOOK: TOP 9 People Who Were Badly Injured But Didn’t Notice It

9 People Who Were Badly Injured But Didn’t Notice It

You might have heard about many people who have suffered from critical injuries, yet they survived miraculously.

But there are also some people who did not even realize that they were suffering from a critical injury. And they were unaware of this for many years.

There is a story of a man, who had been shot in his head and was living with a bullet inside his head for five years.

Then the doctors discovered the bullet while performing a minor cyst removal surgery on his head. See more of these shocking stories like this here.

9 People Who Were Badly Injured But Didn't Notice It

A Northwest Territories man was just scratching what he thought was an annoying old itch earlier this week when it turned out to be a knife blade that had been buried in his flesh for almost three years.

“I jumped in a cab and went straight to emergency,” said Billy McNeely, 32.

It all goes back to an April, 2010, birthday party in McNeely’s home town of Fort Good Hope, N.W.T. McNeely said a fight broke out between himself and another man over an arm-wrestling contest that ended up with McNeely being stabbed five times.

“They stitched me up and bandaged me up,” said McNeely. “They never took X-rays.” | source

Teen Too Drunk To Notice Being Shot

Authorities say a Norway teen who had been drinking wine for several hours was too drunk to notice he’d been shot in the leg.

WIS-TV reports deputies were called to Bamberg County Hospital around 8 p.m. Friday after a 19-year-old was dropped off there.

The teen told deputies he had been at a party that afternoon and heard more than a dozen gunshots but didn’t see who was firing. The teen said he watched dozens of people run away and then fell to the ground. He remembered his cousin picking him up and dropping him off at a hospital. | source

A Japanese biker failed to notice his leg

A Japanese biker failed to notice his leg had been severed below the knee when he hit a safety barrier, and rode on for 2 km (1.2 miles), leaving a friend to pick up the missing limb.

The 54-year-old office worker was out on his motorcycle with a group of friends in the city of Hamamatsu, west of Tokyo, on Monday, when he was unable to negotiate a curve in the road and bumped into the central barrier, the Mainichi Shimbun said.

He felt excruciating pain, but did not notice that his right leg was missing until he stopped at the next junction, the paper quoted local police as saying. | source

New Jersey man says he was literally stabbed in the back

A New Jersey man says he was literally stabbed in the back and didn’t even notice.

A 42-year-old man told Trenton police that he awoke Sunday with pain in his back, but it supposedly wasn’t until he saw his brother that he realized a knife was sticking out of his torso.

The unidentified victim didn’t notice and had even managed 10 hours of sleep, he said. | source

dentist found the source of the toothache Patrick Lawler

A dentist found the source of the toothache Patrick Lawler was complaining about on the roof of his mouth: a four-inch nail the construction worker had unknowingly embedded in his skull six days earlier.

A nail gun backfired on Lawler, 23, on Jan. 6 while working in Breckenridge, a ski resort town in the central Colorado mountains. The tool sent a nail into a piece of wood nearby, but Lawler didn’t realize a second nail had shot through his mouth, said his sister, Lisa Metcalse. | source

nail removed from brain

Dante Autullo was sure he’d merely cut himself with a nail gun while building a shed, and thought doctors were joking when they told him what an X-ray revealed: A 3 1/4-inch nail was lodged in the middle of his brain.

Autullo was recovering Friday after undergoing surgery at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where doctors removed the nail that came within millimeters of the part of the brain controlling motor function. | source

Julia Popova, 22, was stabbed by a mugger

Julia Popova, 22, was stabbed by a mugger as she walked home from work one day last autumn – but she was so traumatised by the attack that she walked home without realising the knife was embedded in her, just a fraction of an inch from her spinal cord.

In the image, blood is shown gushing from the wound as surgeons stare in awe, apparently preparing to operate to remove the six-inch blade. | source

Florida man wakes with headache and finds bullet lodged in head

Florida man wakes with headache and finds bullet lodged in head

A Florida woman was arrested Tuesday after her husband woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible headache and later learned he had a bullet lodged in his head.

St. Lucie County Sheriff’s deputies initially thought Michael Eugene Moylan had been hit by a stray bullet, but later realized the couple’s stories did not match up. | source

The man who lived with a bullet in his head for five years after forgetting he was shot at party

A Polish man living in Germany went about his business for about five years without noticing he had been shot in the head because he was drunk when it happened. Police in the western city of Bochum said on Tuesday doctors found a .22 caliber bullet in the back of his head after the 35-year-old went to have what he thought was a cyst removed. | source

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