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Death to fascism, freedom to the people!” (Serbo-Croatian: Smrt fašizmu, sloboda narodu!; Смрт фашизму, слобода народу!, Slovene: Smrt fašizmu, svoboda narodu!, Macedonian: Смрт на фашизмот, слобода на народот!, Albanian: Vdekje fashizmit, liri popullit!) was a Yugoslav Partisan motto, afterward accepted as the official slogan of the entire resistance movement, that was often quoted in post-war Yugoslavia.


It was also used as a greeting formulation among the movement members both in official and unofficial correspondence during the war and for a few subsequent years, often abbreviated as “SFSN!” when written and accompanied by the clenched fist salute when spoken (one person usually saying “Smrt fašizmu!”, the other responding with “Sloboda narodu!”). | source | image credit

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Written by Tyler Ashby

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