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R.M.S. Rhone

R.M.S. Rhone
Of all the ships that are reported to be haunted, the R.M.S. (Royal Mail Ship) Rhone has a very unique distinction – The ship lies 35 to 80 feet underwater. The Royal Mail Packet Company commissioned the ship in 1864 as a mail and passenger cruiser between England and the Caribbean. The Rhone’s iron hull was 310 feet long and 40 feet wide and was believed to be the fastest and most modern ship in the fleet. Only two short years into its service however, the ship ran into trouble just outside the British Virgin Islands.

In 1967, the area surrounding the wreck was turned into the Wreck of the Rhone Marine Park, making it the only such Marine National Park in the British Virgin Islands. The shipwreck itself has turned into a popular tourist destination where guided scuba diving tours take visitors inside the wreck. It was even predominantly featured in the 1977 horror/thriller film, The Deep. The R.M.S. Rhone is now considered to be one of the best wreck dives in the Caribbean, as well as the world. | source | image credit

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Written by Tyler Ashby

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