LOOK: TOP 5 Most Haunted Places Underwater

5 Most Haunted Places Underwater

You may have heard about various haunted places in the world, but have you ever heard about the 5 most haunted places underwater.

There are actually some very strange things worth checking out below the depths of the sea, as you will be able to see in this video below.

For instance, when you visit the Red Sea’s “Blue Hole” which is also called the Diver’s Cemetery, you will come to know why it is haunted. Or maybe Skyway Bridge in Tampa Bay, Florida where more than 200 suicides occurred, and the fact that there is an allegation that it has mysterious underwater lights.

There are many more places like this present in different corners of the world where no diver would ever want to go.

The Divers Cemetery

The Red Sea is one of the world’s premiere locations for diving. Major resorts such as Sharm el-Sheikh, Eilat, Aqaba, and El Gouna play host to hundreds of thousands of visitors each year who come to sample a portion of the 2 000 km (1 240 mi) of coral reefs along the Red Sea shores and swim alongside the incredible array of marine life that dwells within. On the east coast of the Sinai Peninsula lies the burgeoning Egyptian resort town of Dahab, itself home to over 50 diving sites (and an even larger number of outfitters). Perhaps the most famous of those diving sites is a submarine sinkhole (or ‘blue hole‘) known simply as the Blue Hole, located at the end of the road just a few kilometers north of Dahab.

divers cemetery

There are 14 memorial stones dedicated to divers who perished in the Blue Hole, an opening of about 80 meters in diameter in the roof of the barrier reef. Its walls taper down like the sides of a funnel, but there is an opening. At a depth of 52 meters, an arch opens into a 26-meter-long tunnel that leads through the reef and into the open sea. The floor of the tunnel slopes from a depth of 102 meters down to 120 meters. On the other side, the seafloor drops in increments, first to 130 meters, then to 150, 250, 300 and, finally, to 800 meters.

The Blue Hole is easy to reach. It doesn’t take a boat to get there, and you don’t even have to swim out to it. You just hop in. It’s about 10 meters from a beach chair to the Blue Hole. The water is warm, there is no current and visibility is good. | source | Image credit

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Written by Tyler Ashby

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