LOOK: TOP 10 Super Weird Japan Television Game Shows

Weird Japanese Game Shows

Here are some of the craziest game shows in Japan that will make you laugh hysterically. You cannot imagine the dare of the participants participating in these shows, where they have to do some crazy things.

Those who are “fortunate” enough to get on these game shows become celebrities in their own right. Being on a Japanese game show usually means doing something completely crazy while wearing little-to-no clothing, or wearing some sort of character costume. Again, what happens during these brainstorming sessions? The art of Japanese game shows have been spoofed numerous times in pop culture around the world, and those in the United States will often be disgusted by what happens on these shows.

Very imaginative and hilarious, these shows are surely worth watching, especially if you want to unwind after a long day at work! Check them out for yourself!

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Written by Joshua Jackson

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