LOOK: Top 10 Pranks That Ended Up Causing Tragedy And Death

10 Pranks that went horribly wrong

A prank is meant to be fun, but unfortunately, these 10 pranks certainly were not fun at all as they ended in death. Burned down homes and extreme bullying are two of the cases.

Hiding in closets is not a good idea as you might be mistaken for an intruder and get shot, as happened in one case. Neither is tampering with traffic control signs. Or hanging from a noose to frighten someone, only to end up actually getting strangled. Another prank that made the headlines was the one involving the nurse in charge of the Duchess of Cambridge while she was at hospital having her first born.

These are just some of the pranks which you will see in this video. Make sure you avoid pranks in the future!

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Written by Joshua Jackson

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