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LOOK: TOP 10 Planes That Mysteriously Vanished Without A Trace

We have been hearing of planes that vanish without a trace, and these incidents seem to have become more common lately.

The latest plane to be added in this list is the Malaysian Airlines Flight #No MH370, which vanished mysteriously while on its way from the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur to the Chinese capital Beijing.

There are many such stories like this and the truth behind them remains hidden as there are no clues at all. Most of these stories occurred in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle in the South Pacific, but no one knows the truth about what really happened yet.

Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501

June 23, 1950. It was the day before North Korea invaded South Korea prompting President Harry S. Truman to commit US forces to defend the country.

On the radio, Nat King Cole, Doris Day and the Ames Brothers were singing the latest tunes — just a few years before rock and roll would debut.

The uneventful flight passed safely over Cleveland, Ohio and continued west toward Minneapolis, Minnesota — a major hub for Northwest Airlines. As the DC-4 passed over Battle Creek, Michigan at 11:51 PM eastern time, Captain Lind notified Northwest’s Air Traffic Control Center at Chicago by radio that he estimated passing over Milwaukee at 11:37 PM central time. He was flying level at 3,500 feet.

As the plane reached the lakeshore at 12:13 AM EST that evening, Captain Lind, knowing of storms over Lake Michigan, requested clearance from air traffic control to 2,500 feet. He was denied due to other traffic in the area.

That was the last communication from Flight 2501. Her disappearance marked the largest aviation disaster in world history to that point — and a mystery that remains unsolved 55 years later. | source

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Written by Joshua Jackson

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