LOOK: Top 10 Dumbest and Worst Teachers

A toddler fight club, x-rated homework and the man who was fired for his banter, all feature in this shocking list of dumbest teachers.

Teachers are certainly professionals, but there are some teachers who ended up being truly silly, rather than professional in their work. This is what we shall be seeing in this video.

There is a teacher who told his students to take a selfie with their parents’ sex toys, another who distributed marijuana in brownies, and others who gave students awards to mock them. There is even one who ate a hamster in an attempt to show the students that life was valuable – certainly not a good way to show this! Check out these and other instances of silly teachers here!

Teacher Mocks Student on Facebook

Teacher Mocks Student on Facebook

Georgia teacher was recently caught mocking a student’s learning disabilities on Facebook, and I am just full of nopes in that case. Blow off steam if you must, but if you find yourself posting publicly about what a lame-ass failure your learning disabled student is, you were in the wrong line of work and your subsequent firing is just the situation correcting itself, because you probably shouldn’t have been teaching to begin with.

News source: Mommyish

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