LOOK: TOP 10 Coolest Themed Apartments

Super Mario Bros

This is an apartment in Tokyo available for rent.

From the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom, it is decorated for your inner plumber and conveniently near to a train station.

Please do not punch the yellow question blocks or slide down any pipes in the apartment – you might lose some of your safety deposit.

TOP 10 Coolest Themed Apartments

Image credit: Neatorama

Joey and Chandler’s Friends 

Molded his apartment on Joey and Chandler’s location and has paid focus to every small detail. Everything’s added; from Joeys favorite DVD Baywatch to the Lionel Riche Playlist Chandler Sang along to with Phoebe.

Star Trek 

For the end 10 years, Alleyne has given his apartment in Leicestershire, UK touches such as a complete scale replica of the Enterprises console (done with flashing lights). Since he was capable to do the job himself, he trusts it has cost him about approximately $6,500 to do special renovation, but claims it would have been hundreds of 1000 of dollars to get labors to do.

TOP 10 Coolest Themed Apartments

Image credit: The FW


The living room specs the symbol of S.H.IE.L.D. The narrow kitchen has stunning green touches on the drawers and cabinet doors, and Hulk is busting via the wall definitely looking for midnight snack.

TOP 10 Coolest Themed Apartments

Image credit: Nerdist


Featuring a lovely steampunk interior done with colorful zeppelins flying down from the ceiling and submarine-style front door, this really is a geek’s dream house. Noritz bought the open-space loft in 2006, for $1.2 million. Shocked by photos and design of Zeppelin, he set out to turn his pad into a special experience for visitors and himself.

LOOK: TOP 10 Coolest Themed Apartments

Image credit: Oddity central

Space Invaders

The 375 square feet of latest design mixed with an old school eight bit video game look by polish architects Ewa Koter and Lukasz Wawrzenczyk made for epic geek eye candy.

TOP 10 Coolest Themed Apartments

Image credit: Laughing Squid

Star Wars

Cho Woong Collection of Star Wars Borders, with a house entertainment center that looks decorative chic Empire, a show case that would provide the Smithsonian a run for its finance, and even a Bathroom of Darth Vader that somehow works as a decoration theme.

TOP 10 Coolest Themed Apartments

Image credit: Apartment Therapy


The Apartment, aptly titled “Apartment 4” was filled to the brim with PS charm and imagery, including decorative armored parrots and suits.

The Apartment, aptly titled “Apartment 4”

Image source: Dual Shockers


Every room in the flat artfully and tastefully decorated with records, books, memorabilia, and Beatles prints. There is a music system that includes iPod dock and CD play, a big array of CDs to select from and guitar to strum.

Beatles Theme apartment

Image source: British Beatles Fan Club


Nature themed Apartment

Image source: Post & courier

Linda Kizer does not read home decoration magazines. When you have a jungle inside your dining room, a refrigerator masked as a zebra, or stove decorated as a tiger, you may not find much use for the modern color trends. Kziers Eastside apartment is real, gleaned from the depths of her extremely creative mind.

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