LOOK: The Most Shocking Body Modifications

Body modification, shape changing and skin color changing are not new at all.

In fact they are as old as surgery itself. From the beginning, people have found ways to look younger or have bigger breasts using simple tricks such as surgery and implants.

Piercing and tattoos are other common examples. It is not uncommon to find people who are so addicted to changing the way they look that they end up spending thousands or even millions to achieve that particular look.

Some people have changed their look so much it is impossible to recognize them as they were before the procedures began!

Tongue Splitting
Magnetic implants
Extraocular Implants, or “Eyeball Jewelry”
Corset Piercing
Waist Cinching
Subdermal Implants
Facial Tattooing
Lip Windows
Eye Tattoos

Check out these shocking body modifications to see for yourself!

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Written by Tyler Ashby

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