LOOK: Soldier In Afghanistan Uses Mall Santa To Propose To His Girlfriend

Roberts’ mother Kathy Ross Roberts uploaded a video of the proposal at the Eastland Mall to Facebook.

In the clip, Santa asks Kimberly what she wants for Christmas – and she replies ‘I want my boyfriend to come home from Afghanistan.’

‘Really? Hm, you know that’s quite an honorable thing that they do to keep us free,’ Santa says.

Santa then steps away for a moment and comes back with a bouquet of flowers.

Santa continues, pulling out a ring ‘I would be honored if you would accept this ring and make me happier than I’ve ever felt before. Will you marry me?’

Roberts then cries and says ‘Yes.’ The crowd behind the scene later cheers at the news.

Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple!

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Written by Marc Tiu


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