LOOK: Senator Tito Sotto Reacts To Comments Over Arab Outfit Issue

According to one commenter: How come that an Arab/Muslim attire has become a Halloween costume? How did it become scary? This government official clearly promotes Islamophobia on national tv that can possibly lead to division of people based on their faith or worse case scenario could lead on to a hate crime.. Islamophobia is one of the major problem of a lot of Muslims anywhere around the world, and this senator should not be promoting this hate and false information about Islam and Muslims but instead, make this country better by promoting peace and love to one another whatever your differences are.

According to news report, Governor Mujiv Hataman of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) has asked noontime TV personalities to apologize to the country’s Muslim community, after a Halloween segment showing them on official Arabian garb on Saturday, drew flak on social media.

During the Halloween episode of Eat Bulaga last Saturday (October 31, 2015), Senator Tito Sotto and Joey de Leon wore Muslim garb which drew mixed reactions from netizens all over the country.

While some commenters believe it is a disrespect to the Muslim community others on the other hand think that there’s nothing wrong with what the hosts are wearing.

The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) took offense to the costumes worn by the TV hosts and demanded an apology be given to the Muslim community.

On his Instagram account, Senator Tito Sotto posted a photo of him and Alden Richards and answered a question by one of his followers regarding the costume:

LOOK: Senator Tito Sotto Reacts To Comments Over Arab Outfit Issue

If you look at Senator Tito Sotto’s Instagram account, commenters defended Joey De Leon and Senator Tito Sotto. One said the attire was “not Muslim holy costume,” but a “basic clothing ng kahit sino sa Arab countries.” Another said even Christians in Saudi wear such clothing.

Its just a simple attire it has nothing to do with being a Muslim!!!” an Eat Bulaga defender said.

People wear Japanese. Sometimes kimono. Or the Korean dress. Halloween is dressing up as someone you are not. So that makes perfect sense.

At isa pa paki google po ang ibig sabihin ng holloween, pag holloween nakakatakot na? nakakabastos na? At sinunog o binahiran ng dumi ba ni tito sen ang dress na yan? use ur brain not ur asshole! At ilang years nya ng costume yan ngayon nyo lang napansin? really? so pathetic!

LOOK: Senator Tito Sotto Reacts To Comments Over Arab Outfit Issue

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