LOOK: Pilot Finds Cat On Wing After Take-Off

What is the pre-flight check? It’s a common question. Before starting a journey one needs to check whether passengers have their passports, whether anyone checked the route, or the compartment and toilet room.
LOOK: Pilot Finds Cat On Wing After Take-OffHave you ever thought of checking whether there is any cat on the wing? Of course this is something that is not included in the check-list.

One pilot, Romain Jantot, is certain to add this too in the pre-flight check-list. Recently he discovered the unexpected because a cat was on his microlight flight, Metro reported.

LOOK: Pilot Finds Cat On Wing After Take-Off Everything was perfect except when he found a confused looking cat. He had to land the light aircraft to remove the four-legged guest from the wing.

The cat is fine now and has managed a role as the flying club mascot.

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Written by Marc Tiu


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