LOOK: People In China Patronize 40-Year-Old Zombie Meat

We may not eat meat that is rotten and chopped out of a meat shop around a week ago, but did you know that some people in China are eating these days an expired and rotten meat dating back forty years. Not convinced? But it is true.

Food safety incidents are not new in China and the infamous among them so far are poisonous Jinhua ham, plastic rice, counterfeit baby formula and even cat meat.

Lately the local officials confiscated 100,000 tons of expired meat, which is said to have been smuggled and is worth around $484 million. On the Internet it is called as Zombie meat.

Officials have seized pig trotters from the 70s, chicken wings from the 80s and many more. So far 22 people have been arrested including two ring leaders.

LOOK: People In China Patronize 40-Year-Old Zombie Meat

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It is said the rotten meat smells like hell. Don’t understand how people eat such stuff when we avoid eating meat of one week old. Just give a thought.

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Written by Tommy Estrada

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