LOOK: No one is flying Malaysia Airlines anymore, now a flying ghost town

In March, Flight 370, traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, disappeared with 227 passengers including 12 crew on board — which remains a mystery.

Then, last month, the same fate struck again when Flight 17 was shot down while in Ukrainian airspace. All 283 passengers and 15 crew aboard perished.

A second Malaysia Airlines plane has crashed today, this time near Russia[AP]
It’s quite unfortunate, Malaysia Airlines suffered the groundbreaking and awful loss of the planes this year. Malaysian Airline is currently having a difficult time attracting passengers; though the situations of the two losses do not seem to be connected to negligence or anything other than horrendous, tragic random chance.

Obviously, it’s a perfect time to fly Air Malaysia by pretending not to suffer overmuch from superstitious belief, as the cheap flights are insanely cheap and your travel agents are getting double or triple commissions on airfare. Feel free to get a whole row to yourself and party like there’s no tomorrow.

The carrier, which was operating in the red for about five years before either of this year’s tragedies, has continued operating despite the major damage to its reputation according to report.

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