LOOK: Netizens Slam Former Miss Universe For Mayweather-Pacquiao Post

It came as no surprise that many netizens reacted negatively when Olivia Culpo, a former Ms. Universe from the USA, on Sunday posted on her Instagram account a collage of a photo of Mayweather and Pacquiao and a picture of her winning over Filipina Janine Tugonon in the 2012 pageant.

Netizens Slam Former Miss Universe For Mayweather-Pacquiao Post

Culpo’s Instagram post was accompanied by the caption: “[It’s] fight night, people! #Throwback to me and Miss Philippines doing our best face off @tugononjanine.”

Instagram user @Nini2903 said, “Nice! Two winners who didn’t deserve to win!”

Instagram user @yunisfalcutila commented, “EDITED. You should be a good role model, not a rude model.”

@thatcuteguymarc said, “Common denominator: Undeserving winners.”

@tokyorker said: “A beautiful face come from intelligent mind! And you (didn’t) have that when you were in Ms. Universe! Togonon is the real winner in our hearts!”

@akositik posted, “You’re a big joke, Ms. Culpo! I hope you remember how (you) were favored to win that night. Just like Floyd, (you) won but not respected. Sad, (right)?”

Instagram user @jharasawa, however, told other netizens to take things easy on Culpo. She said, “Chill, guys! I don’t think she intended to insult. Let’s just think it this way, they’re just being obnoxiously proud of their country. It’s the way it is. So let’s move forward. Peace!”

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