LOOK: Mindanawon Beatboxer Wows Crowd At Asia’s Got Talent

Young Mindanawon beatboxer Neil Rey Garcia Llanes got four “yeses” from the show’s judges after his performance.

“My name is Neil and I’m from Davao City, Philippines,” he responded when asked by Melanie C (singer, song-writer, and former Spice Girl) to introduce himself.

He said that he joined AGT because he is “chasing a dream”: to create a house for his family who, right now, is having financial struggles.

His performance, which ran for about two full minutes, impressed the judges, the hosts, and the crowd.

AGT hosts Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez could be seen dancing in the backstage as Neil was performing; judge Vanness Wu (music artist and former boy band F4 member) also danced in his seat with Melanie.

The crowd roared as Neil’s performance peaked.

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Written by Marc Tiu


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