LOOK: Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho Reveals Identity Of “The Meme Queen”

There is no doubt that bullying is a huge problem not just in the Philippines but in the entire world.

Cyber bullying is a typical type of online harassment, which can be defined as hurling harsh, rude, insulting, teasing remarks through the message box or in open forums targeting one’s body shape and structure, educational qualifications, professional qualifications, family, gender orientation, personal habits and outlook.

In some cases, children have killed each other and committed suicide after having been involved in a cyber-bullying incident.

Let’s take the case of Marielle Villegas, 19, graduated as a “Salutatorian” in High School and is currently taking Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in English.

LOOK: Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho Reveal Identity Of Ms. Nene "The Meme Queen"

LOOK: Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho Reveal Identity Of Ms. Nene "The Meme Queen"

An article circulated online not too long ago claiming that the girl in the photo above has already been dead. In an episode of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Sojo which aired last weekend disputed that statement. Kapuso Mo, Jessica Sojo was able to track her down to interview her.

It all started when Mr. Eduard M. Riparip, the girl’s teacher, posted about her on his Facebook account.

Kapuso Mo, Jessica Sojo revealed more about her story. Her real name is Mariel Villegas. She is an English major and is described by her teacher as “intelligent, diligent, and creative.” Mariel graduated salutatorian in high school and is now a scholar in college. She has been a consistent honor student from elementary.

She recounted on how the now viral photo was taken back in 2010 which was posted by a friend on Facebook. She and her friends all laughed it off at first. She didn’t mind her friend uploading it on Facebook, because she saw it as a way to commemorate memories of her childhood.

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