LOOK: “Honor Thy Father” Director Conveys Gripes vs MMFF

“Honor Thy Father” was disqualified from the Best Picture category, Erik Matti still bagged the Best Director category Sunday night at the awarding ceremony for the 41st Metro Manila Film Festival.

Matti was No Show at the event at the Kia Theater in Cubao but sent a representative, Shiel Calde, creative associate of Reality Entertainment, to deliver his acceptance speech.

In a Facebook post he narrated and expressed disappointment over the disqualification of “Honor Thy Father” and the decision of cinemas to pull out entries that are not performing well in the box office.

Here’s a wild fantasy movie.

Producer Kajio wants to make money. He befriends a festival organiser riding a donkey with one arm and an eye patch. They start a partnership. Kaijo makes movies while festival organizer riding a donkey with one arm and an eye patch gets the movies into the festival. But how will they make money? Hmmm. For days and weeks and months they looked up the stars asking the heavens how they will make money out of their partnership. One morning they just woke up and realized

“We need to involve the theaters!”.

Brilliant idea.

So they hopped and skipped and grand jeted their way into the drive-in theaters making deals. Festival organizer on a donkey with one patch and an eye arm got the theater managers drunk and happy and made a deal with them. He whispered in a loud booming voice atop his donkey, inside the bar, near a table, on a stool:

“Theater managers, we have competition. Stay with us and we’re all good. (Burp) You show our films. Only our films. Keep it as long as you can in the theaters.”

Theater manager with a pearl earing and a missing tooth raised her hand with just four fingers (missing a thumb)

“But what if they want to watch something else?”

All the other managers, some with earrings and some without, nod in unison and in agreement.

Kaijo raises his hand too pretending to be naive and ignorant about the whole racket, but his protruding knees and folded cuffs can’t hide his evil intentions,

“Yes! what if no one…”

Festival Patch riding an arm with one eye and a donkey patch shushes them all.

“Naive criminals! Just play our movies. If someone wants to watch a different movie, give them our ticket. If someone wants to buy a ticket to another movie that is not ours, tell them the movie is full and still give them our ticket instead. And any competition, on the first day with less than half of the theater full, take out the film and change it into our films!”

Kaijo suddenly stands up from his chair, excited to share an idea.

“Hey, festival organizer, why don’t you also make our movies win the awards?”

Festival organizer riding a horse with one finger and an eye patch let’s out a boisterous angelic booming malicious laughter.

“Kaijo…you are a genius. We got it covered in the theaters. I got it covered inside the festival with the awards and you…by the way, what would you do Kaijo?”

Kaijo slowly walks toward festival donkey riding an eye patch and an arm organizer and confidently whispers,

“Don’t worry, I will always be there to defend you!”

And they made so much money in the sunset. The End.

What do you think?

Written by Marc Tiu

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