LOOK: FX driver plays CoC while driving

There are many people who consider themselves as gamers. Game addiction is not something one ought to be proud of because there is so much more to life than sitting there playing for hours and hours.

But in this case this gamer went to a whole new extreme because he was caught playing Clash of Clans while driving a van.

Netizen Phoebe Nicholas encountered this driver, and seeing that this driver was so absorbed in the game, she drove next to the van and reminded him politely to keep his eyes on the road rather than on his mobile phone. The driver insolently answered that she shouldn’t care, to which Ms. Nicholas answered that she had every right to care for their safety.

LOOK: FX driver plays CoC while driving

The driver’s reaction was not to stop playing though! He decided to refund her fare and transferred her to another FX! | H/T: Daily Pedia

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