LOOK: Filipino Actor Luis Alandy becomes an internet sensation in Thailand

One of the hottest hunk you’re about to feast with your eyes is Luis Alandy. There’s no question why Filipino fans go crazy over him. And can we also talk about his abs? The hottest man is built, like whoa.

The actor’s well-chiselled body and oozing sex appeal has already reached Thailand. According to media source, the Alandy’s picture was first posted in the Facebook account of a Thailand resident.

Filipino Actor Luis Alandy becomes an internet sensation in Thailand

The photo shows Luis is topless wearing blue shorts with a butcher belt which immediately spread like wildfire online.

According to various social media platforms in Thailand, they wanted to know where the market was located because they want to meet him in person and purchase whatever he was selling. It seems that even people in Thailand could not get enough of his good looking features and fiercely gorgeous body.

In his Instagram account he wrote: “Thank you Thailand for making me a star and trend in your country w/this picture. I will see you soon…,” saad pa ni Luis sa isang post na makikita naman ang kuha ng pinagkaguluhan niyang larawan.

The viral photo was even featured in Thailand’s news channel. The Kapuso actor was also a hot topic in Thailand’s morning show, Khao Khon Morning and netizens from Thailand actually thought he was Thai.

Really, Luis Alandy has no bad looks. He is definitely the heart of the show.

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