LOOK: Drunk Chicken Enjoys Ice Cold Beer In Brazil

Most of us have a soft spot for animals. And often we see videos and photos shared online with pets and other animals doing something somewhat strange or cute. Here we have a rather strange chicken, who seems to love drinking beer!

Yes, right! It is presented with a glass of beer and it seems to really like it because every time someone tries to reach out for the glass, the chicken is ready to peck his hand so as not to let him take it away from her! It seems that it is looking forward to sip it to the last drop.

You might be worrying what this might do to the chicken health wise. Probably it is not such a good idea to let it drink beer! What started off as a joke might actually lead to repercussions for this chicken. Let’s hope it did enjoy the beer she seems to like so much, and that it is still okay!

H/T: Tomo

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