LOOK: Coco Martin & His Favorite Cars

Realistically, a celebrity is usually associated with fame, wealth, power and cool cars.

Being an accomplished celebrities, they are expected to have their own private cars to help them keep up with their schedules and shooting locations faster.

Actor Coco Martin will take you a glimpse of his favorite vehicles. On Tuesday “Feng Shui” co-star Kris Aquino had a chance to see his favorite cars on her morning show “Kris TV”.

Martin reiterated his three personal favorites are a black BMW, a white Dodge Challenger and a red Mini Cooper.

The award-winning actor explained that he considers the black BMW his lucky car and that he uses it when closing a business deal.

“Kapag black good for business,” he told Aquino.

As for the white Dodge, he noted that since most muscle cars are black, having it in white makes it stand out.

“Ang red, kapag gusto mong magpa-cute sa girl,” Martin said of the Mini Cooper.

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