LOOK: Bridal Shower Day 2: Marian Goes To Hong Kong Disneyland

The very first step toward a happily ever after is a perfect bridal shower surrounded with friends and family. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the Primetime Queen to bond with loved ones and it also gives her a chance to receive gifts that will come in handy later on in her married life.

So before the celebration begins, take a look at Marian Rivera’s Bridal Shower Day 2.

Marian Rivera together with family and friends went to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Wearing a wedding veil and a “bride to be” sash, Marian spent the whole day on the happiest place on earth.

In her Instagram post, she said “I had so much fun in disneyland wearing the veil and sash. Indeed, the happiest place on earth for the sincere hearts whahahhaha #ProudBride #1stBridalShowerNiYan @ccesstravelph @niceprintphoto”

How else can i express the joy of the moment but with the ones who raised me…Love you both! @accesstravelph

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