LOOK: Baby Could Have Died From Fall In Singapore

Unfortunately having a child fall is a normal occurrence, but certainly not a life threatening fall as the one that was about to happen in this video! Luckily there was a hero nearby, as otherwise this child would be dead.

On April 23rd, at about 1pm, three-year old Naurah Fitria Aun was seen clasping to the drying racks on a balcony which was on the second floor. She was stuck between the racks and crying uncontrollably. A woman noticed the child and screams for help. There were two men who tried to climb to the second floor, but they did not manage to make it. Someone else went to the door of the apartment where this balcony was, but nobody answered.

Thankfully, there were some road repairs being carried out in the vicinity, and two Bangladeshi construction workers ran to help rescuing the baby. One of them, Subramaniam Shanmuganathan, managed to pull up to the balcony and lifted the child in a position so that she could manage to breathe. His colleague, Ponnan Muthukumar, assisted him later to save the baby from between the rails. They were given a much deserved Public Spiritedness Award for their heroic deed.

H/T: WeReBlog

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Written by Joshua Jackson

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