[LOOK] Anne Curtis, Bloody, Beaten And Bruised In ‘Blood Ransom’

A bloody, bruised and beaten Anne Curtis appeared on the video uploaded on YouTube during the first day of shooting for her first international movie, ‘Blood Ransom’.

[LOOK] Anne Curtis, Bloody, Beaten And Bruised In 'Blood Ransom'

The video shows Curtis, begging Jeremiah to help her get out, giving him a warning that Roman will just come after them.

“Blood Ransom” is about the story of Jeremiah (Alexander Doetsch) who kidnapped Crystal (Anne Curtis), the young girlfriend of his American boss Roman. Eventually, the two fell in love with each other and ran away from Roman and his goons.

Directed by Filipino-American Francis dela Torre, “Blood Ransom” will arrive in Manila cinemas on October 29 and October 31 in North America.

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