LOOK: Andrew Wolff vs Melissa Mendez Instagram War

A couple of days ago, actress Melissa Mendez was offloaded from a Cebu Pacific flight bound for Mindanao for alleged “unruly behavior,” Wolff released a private post from a fellow passenger in the same flight that supports his claim that the actress was not affronted by his friend, businessman Rey Pamaran.

LOOK: Andrew Wolff vs Melissa Mendez Instagram War

The woman’s account of the incident in full:

“So this crazy old war freak of a lady wouldn’t stop screaming and charging at Andre Wolff’s bodyguard and caused our flight to be 30 mins delayed. Some petty fight about seat assignments. Threatened by the captain that the flight will not take off if she doesn’t calm down, she eventually shut up. So we finally take off, the plane stabilizes in the air. And then she punches the bodyguard. Captain then announces that we return to Manila because of the unruly passenger. So we did. People on the plane both hating on her yet loving the action. Crazy old lady actually waved to all the smartphone cameras pointed at her.”

LOOK: Andrew Wolff vs Melissa Mendez Instagram War

The actor-athlete also said that it was Mendez who is lying about what really transpired last Friday. He also said more videos and photos of the incident would soon surface to bolster his claims.

“We don’t need a judge or an attorney to figure out who is lying here. There were 100 more passengers all with smartphones on this flight,” he said.

Meanwhile, on her Instagram account, Mendez also posted testimonies from her fellow passengers in the flight who defended her and criticized Wolff and Pamaran for being rude.

She said that Wolff and Pamaran brought her “severe trauma and emotional heartbreak.”

“These are just some testimonies of those on board the flight I was offloaded. #truth #youcannottwistthetruth. You Rey Pamaran and Andrew Wolf have caused me severe trauma and emotional heartbreak for the shame you have caused me. You’ve made a mockery of me, trying to destroy my reputation,” she said.

The actress said that Wolff has “no right” to put her to shame, adding that the athlete-actor has “lot of bad records including physical abuse.”

LOOK: Andrew Wolff vs Melissa Mendez Instagram War

LOOK: Andrew Wolff vs Melissa Mendez Instagram War

According to media report, Mendez was offloaded from Cebu Pacific flight 5J 711 en route to Pagadian City from Manila after she slapped Pamaran for allegedly disrespecting her.

She said that she decided to sit on the 1A seat, a seat reserved for Pamaran, to take photos of clouds.

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