LOOK: Alleged Mich Liggayu and Neo Domingo ‘NeoMich’ Scandal Is A Hoax

Alleged video scandal of Mich Liggayu and Neo Domingo ‘NeoMich goes viral online. However, if you really look the couple in the video, they are NOT in anyway look like Mich and Neo.

The video was uploaded by Youtube channel Random Videos on Monday, March 30, 26 days after the death of Jam Sebastian.
LOOK: Alleged Mich Liggayu and Neo Domingo 'NeoMich' Scandal Is A Hoax
In the video, a man can be seen kissing a girl who has quite a resemblance with Michelle Liggayu, fiancee of the deceased Jam Sebastian.
Liggayu had already denied the alleged scandal and the issue about having an affair with Neo Domingo.

Comments on Facebook and other social media are calling it a hoax.

Netizens stated that the video belongs to a certain Stace Philips Cervantes, who is the owner, and uploader of the vine video called “How To Wake Up Your Girlfriend Properly”.

So calm yourselves, Jamich fans… it is NOT Mich Liggayu in the video.

What do you think?

Written by Marc Tiu


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