LOOK: Alice Cooper Tweets About JayR’s Performance on ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’

The Philippines King of R&B Jayr continues to impress Kapamilya fans with his versatility and pure talent as he impersonates different celebrities each week on ABS-CBN’s “Your Face Sounds Familiar”.

Jayr, a former GMA Network artist, has won twice on the show with his ‘flawless’ impression of Pinoy rock icon Pepe Smith and American country singer Kenny Rogers. He currently ranked number one in the standing, getting the highest number of points from the judges and co-performers since the show’s first episode.

Every week Jayr receives praises and positive comments from all the judges. However, on its fifth week, not only did Jayr get the judges’ approval on his performance but he also caught the attention of the real artist he impersonated, none other than American rock singer and songwriter, Alice Cooper.

On April 13, Cooper post a tweet on his official Twitter account, sharing the link of Jayr’s performance as himself, singing his old time hit, “I Never Cry”.

LOOK: Alice Cooper Tweets About JayR's Performance on 'Your Face Sounds Familiar'

He said: “Check out Jay R channeling his inner Alice Cooper​ on the Manila show @yourfacesounds! #AliceCooper”

Check out Jayr and Alice Cooper’s performances below and share us your thoughts:

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Written by Kaye

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