LOOK: AlDub Gets featured in Singapore’s Leading newspaper

After setting a global Twitter record of 41 million tweets, the love story of Yaya Dub and Alden continues to invade not only the entire country but also the international and foreign nations.

On November 1, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza land another feature on Singapore’s broadsheet The Straits Times. The article was headlined “Old-style love story has modern Philippines in a tizzy” and talks about how this pop culture phenomenon developed and what makes it appealing to the millions of Filipinos.

“Experts say AlDub has been a huge success because it resonates with Filipinos pining for a return to old-fashioned values as a counter-balance to the crass culture that has become pervasive online”, it says in the article.

LOOK: AlDub Gets featured in Singapore's Leading newspaper

“Beyond the storyline, the two lead stars appeal to millions because they come off as believable bearers of the values their show represents, unlike many other celebrities, who are regarded as caricatures of excess and superficiality”, it added.

They also recognized the spontaneity of Maine Mendoza’s reaction when she was caught on TV blushing after Alden Richards smiled and waved at her on Eat Bulaga, which drew people to her and sparked the idea for the love story.

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Written by Kaye

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