LOOK: 7 Unbelievable Genetic Accidents

Our genes have control over how we look, how our bodies react to certain conditions and the diseases we may inherit.

The worst part is that we have no control over the genes we get and we have no way of changing them.  Have you ever wondered how people get diseases or conditions named after them?

Sometimes your genes make terrible accidents on your looks even doctors have no other reference cases to get information from. Then you become a celebrity featuring in many shows and sometimes even the Guinness book of world records. Here are 7 quite unbelievable genetic accidents worth checking out.

Frog-like Baby (unidentified baby – Nepal)

In 2006, this bizarre-looking baby was born in Charikot, the headquarters of Dolakha district, attracting a huge number of onlookers to witness the astonishing sight.

13-inch Tailed Man (Chandre Oram – India)

Dajal (cyclops) born in israel, one eye baby

World’s Largest Hand (Lui Hua – China)

World's Largest Hand (Lui Hua - China)Image source: Shanghai List

Miracle woman born with backwards feet

Miracle woman born with backwards feetImage source: Mirror

Baby with Three Arms (Liu Junjie – China)

Woman Grows Full Size Nipple On Foot

Woman Grows Full Size Nipple On Foot
Image source: Terra

H/T: Oddee

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Written by Joshua Jackson

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