LOOK: 2 Men Who Harassed QC Traffic Aides Named

The Quezon City Police Department (QCPD) has revealed the identification of the SUV driver who pistol-whipped a deputized traffic enforcer and kicked another after his vehicle was stopped for entering a one-way street at Barangay East Kamias, Quezon City last April 29.

In an Inquirer report, the QCPD identified the driver of the black Mitsubishi Montero with plate number UJQ-889 as a certain Den Mark Presto from Sampaloc, Manila and Ilocos Sur.

2 Men Who Harassed QC Traffic Aides Named

Barangay traffic enforcers Simplicio Retirado, 60, and Raul Mercado, 35, have positively identified Presto as the driver who drew his gun and pistol-whipped and kicked them last April 29.

The Quezon City Police District  announced Monday that it would file criminal complaints against businessman Scott Ian Yu, 36, and his employee Denmark Presto, 22, for threatening and assaulting Simplicio Retirado, 60, and Raul Mercado, 35.

Yu, a Quezon City resident, was the first to be identified. He is the owner of the Mitsubishi Montero (UJQ 889) which was stopped by the traffic enforcers on April 29 for doing a counterflow on K-6 Street, a one-way road. At the time, Presto was driving the sport utility vehicle  while Yu was his passenger.

The details given to the authorities showed that Yu owned a  general merchandising store and a security firm in Barangay Lourdes, Quezon City, while Presto was a company driver.


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Written by Barbie Perez

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